Hula School Guide
Sohei & Wahine Maika`i Hula Studio ( Hula Dance School Tokyo) YoyogiUehara Shibuya Shinjuku

Rule of our school(except Central Sports Class)
@As for hula class, when she is absent from class, she is able to transfer the class to another one with no charge only if transfer is done within 1 month.
If she noticed absence before 1 month, the fee of its month is free.
Tour and experience for our class are accepted without appointment.
C1Day Hula Class(a single participant will be accepted)It is a lesson which will complete one music in one day.
 Dancing 1 song At Wedding! 

D1 Day Ukulele Class(for Beginner). Tuition fee is \8,000( 1 participant is accepted)
ET-shirt and sports pants. Pau Skirt (Training ware for hula dance) is ready for rental. The charge is \100. Very convenient on her way home from office!
Not need shoes and barefoot in class.
FIn case of Students (older than high school) the monthly tuition is reduced by \1,000. (except Central Sports Class and Ukulele class)
GAdmission fee \5,000, lesson fee, and any fee which are received once, never refunded in principle even if it happened any accidents in the member.

Sohei & Wahine Maika`i Hula Studio (Map)
(Address)151-0066 Nishirara 3-4-3 Jewel YoyogiUehara 3F
(1st Station from Shinjuku by Express Train)Odakyu Line snd Chiyoda Line. Get off at the Yoyogi-Uehara station. It is 1 minute walk from an east exit. Though you can see our studio from there, but the entrance is the opposite side of the red brick building and the 3rd floor from the stairs near "Torikichi" bar.
Experience Lesson Fee: \1,500(All Classes)  //   Initiation Fee:  \5,000(All Classes
 To know details call the telephone below
or 070-5567-9015
YoyogiUehara Hula Studio  PM8:00 - 9:30(Night Class)
<Students: 15years - 50s><Intermediate>
(90minutes Course)
Including Tahitian Dance /Kahiko/Maori Dance

Monthly Fee: \8,000/3 times per month
(90minutes Course)
Lesson Days
YoyogiUehara Hula Studio AM 11:00 - 12:00 (Morning Class)
4times per month (60minutes Course
<Beginner><Students: 20years - 70s>
Monthly Fee: \7,000 / 4times per month (60minutes Course
Lesson Days 6/1,8,15,22
YoyogiUehara Hula Studio PM7:30 - 8:30(Night Class
<Students: 15years - 50s><Beginner,Intermediate>
Monthly Fee: \7,000 / 3times per month
Lesson Days 6/1,8,22
YoyogiUehara Hula Studio
AM 11:00 - 12:00 (Morning Class)
<Beginner> <Students: 11years - 70s>
Monthly Fee: \6,000 /3times per month
Lesson Days 6/10,17,24
YoyogiUehara Studio(Morning Class)
AM11:00 -12:00 (Parent-childClass)    (Hula )
Enjoy Hula with both parents and children(Keiki)
<Student: Over 3years with parent>
<Beginner,Intermediate> 3 times per month (60minutes Course)
Monthly Fee:

 \7,000(parent and child)
5,000Over 7years(only child)
Lesson Days 6/11,18,25
Other Class
Central Fitness Club Nishidai PM3:00 - 4:00 Tuesday (Hula School)
Nishidai Station
(To know details call the telephone below.
Central ShimoKItazawa Fitness  AM12:00〜13:00 Wednesday
(Hula School) 
ShimoKitaza Station<Odakyu Line, Keio Inokashira Line>
In front of Shimokitazawa Town Hall/Along the railway
<Students: 50s - 70s><Comfortable and big studio. Can participate if she is not a member of the member of the Central Sports".>
<Introduction, Beginner>

(To know details call the telephone below.

Central Fitness Asagaya PM7:30 - 8:30 Thirsday (Hula School)  
 JR Asagaya Station, 2 Minutes Walk.
<From Shinjuku 15 minutes by Tyuou Line> 
<Introduction、Beginner>Celebrity Style Gym.
4times per month
(To know details call the telephone below.
      Private Lessons  
Sohei & Wahine Maika`i Hula Studio(Map)
(Address)151-0066 Nishirara 3-4-3 Jewel YoyogiUehara 3F

To know details call the telephone below
or 070-5567-9015
フラダンス 子供フラダンス ショ−男性 フラダンス
Tour for hula class, dispatch of hula dancers / Tahitian dancers for entertainment event, hula lesson on demand,etc. Please Call:

Head Office
Address: Uehara 3-10-12, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ,1510064
  TEL&FAX: 03(3465)4167

When the response of e-mail is very slow, some kind of a wrong correspondence is probable, in that case please call by phone!

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