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 1Day Lesson

①1Day Lesson(Completed by only one lesson)
  This is a lesson to complete one song in one day. Its usage are Entertainments in such as wedding and class reunion etc.,
 Theater and other references of the dance choreography. Preparation for Hawaii study abroad.

②Assigned Songs
 Hawaiian wedding song. The staple to be played at the wedding.

 ◉Papalina Lahilahi
 Classic song of hula. I love your delicate cheek
- - -

 You can select one of above songs.

 The level of choreography is the introductory one.You can learn that for the first time.


 one person: 12,000 yen

 over 3 persons: 30,000 yen (fixed, invariable though number of your members increases)
 PLS devide this amount by your number of your members.
 Example: 5 persons participation; 6,0000 yen per person. (30,000 ÷5 = 6,000)

⑤Place and Time
 Using our YoyogiUehara Studio and provide 1 hour and 30 minutes lesson. Date and time will be adjusted with the appointment.

⑥Business Trip Lesson
 We will provide 1Day lesson at even your desired location (such as a company or school).
 PLS resolve the daily lack of exercise using this lesson.(Requires separately travel expenses)
⑦Supplementary Class
 Those who are not confident to remember chreography or want to dance better
 can receive this class.
  2,500 yen (per hour and per person)

 If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or phone.
 PS: If you find the difficulty to learn the choreography in the video which you bought in Hawaii, please receive our 1day lesson.

TEL&FAX:  03-3465-4167 or 080-5076-3923

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